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When I was in despair over my pain, Wade was patient, and I knew he cared tremendously about helping resolve my problem. With his expert guidance, not only are my symptoms gone, but I've also developed core strength with the exercises he customized for me. Highest praises to Wade Anderson!
    - Llew Wells, Eugene, OR

In addition to treating my shoulder so successfully, Wade helped to heal my spirit.
    - Janice Woodington, Eugene OR

I started seeing Wade prior to planned hip surgery, in order to be as strong as possible going into the surgery, as well as to relieve back pain I was having. I really appreciated Wade's approach. He spent time with me, evaluating me thoroughly. He as an exercise book and grid which made it very easy to do exercises he prescribed for me, as well as to track them. Each session he evaluated my progress and either added or changed my exercises. My back pain was alleviated, and I am now post-surgery and can really see how much difference it made, going into it from as strong a position as possible, as my healing is progressing very rapidly and with little pain. I would highly recommend Wade Anderson to others!
     - Amy, Eugene

Thanks for making the difference!
    - Ginger, Eugene OR

compassionate.....caring....considerate....and extremely competent. These words come immediately to mind when I think of Wade. I have had many Physical Therapists over the years, and I can truthfully say that Wade has skillfully combined the therapy necessary for my knee replacement along with the many other quirks that this old body loudly demands. His "Distracting" stories are also extremely interesting, so besides feeling much better when I leave, I also feel like I have learned something new each session.
    - Barb Burcher, Eugene, OR